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Based on ancient wisdom of Ayurvedic principals, our skincare products are designed to harvest the power of nature, in order to provide time-proven benefits of clear, soft, radiant skin.



Kapha, Pitta, Vata…? which of our skin-transforming oils is right for you? Take our quiz and find out


Kapha, Pitta, Vata…? which of our skin-transforming oils is right for you? Take our quiz and find out


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Only The Purest Ingredients

” I strongly believe that our skincare practices should be free of any harsh, harmful chemicals because HEALTHY SKIN IN BEAUTIFUL SKIN ” – Maya ( founder of Luna Oil Organics)


What Our Clients Are Saying

I need to come back to using your face oil (Kapha)! First oil I ever tried and saw amazing results. Started to explore with other oils and it's just not as good.


a skin savious! I have mentionned this many times before, but if you have to incorporate a facial oil into your skincare routine, I cannot recomment the Kapha oil enough! It is Life-Changing in my eyes!


Mesmerized by the beauty that is @lunaoilorganics. I love what their products do for my skin and they are certainly beautiful to look at...


We have come to refer to this product as a miracle serum. It brightens skin upon application which is advised for evenings, allowing the fresh and organic botanicals to work their magic overnight, leaving skin smooth, soft and radiant by morning

The Love Place UK

In love with Luna Oil Organics body oil. I truly love how my skin feels (and it smells so good). Dreading the cold winter but at least I know my skin won't feel dry.

Steph Zucker @girlworldmtl

This product is a must!

Emily Hazan @emihazan

I've been using the facial oils for a month and my skin has NEVER looked better

Jacklyn Hefter @jacklynhefter

It has helped make my skin feel so silky smooth again! It's made with all natural and organic ingredients and also helps with cellular turnover. Plus how pretty is that bottle?

Daniella Saluan @diairies.of.danielle

Thursday night pamper session with Luna Oil Organics

Arielle Cristina @ariellecristina

To keep hydrated I'm using La Fleur Eternelle body oil. It's infused with flowers and kept in a pretty glass bottle (also great for keeping skin from cracking in studio / while painting)

Adams Bellouis @avbellouis


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