Our 7 Favorite Essential Oils For Healing Your Skin

Now-a-days essential oils are all the rage, but did you know that they have actually been around for centuries? They have been used in alternative health remedies and skin formulations thanks to their powerful nutrient content.

Essential oils are plant oils, highly concentrated and derived from the roots, leaves, flowers and stems of different plants. Each essential oil is 100% unique and provides the skin with some wonderful benefits, depending on your oil of choice.

We adore our essential oils and have spent so much time putting together blends that will target your specific skin concerns and benefit your very unique and specific skin type or dosha. Our oils are all organic, meaning the plants were grown without the use of pesticides, because your skin and your health deserve the very best!

In this article, we’ll let you in on 7 of the key oils used in our products, as well as tell you just why they are so wonderful for your skin!

Tea Tree

If your skin tends towards the oilier side and you suffer with frequent breakouts then you absolutely can’t go wrong with this powerful acne fighter!

Tea tree oil will help to reduce swelling and redness in inflamed skin and you can find it in our Kapha Face Oil.

German Chamomile

We all know the bliss of sipping on a steaming cup of soothing chamomile when life gets a little chaotic and its soothing effects quickly restore our sense of inner calm.

German chamomile has the same calming effects on the skin and will help to reduce inflammation and soothe any irritation. Find it in our Blemish Fighter Serum.


This essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties and will help to soothe and heal, reduce blotchy skin and redness, as well as help to fade acne scars.

Enjoy hypnotic scents of lavender and blue chamomile in our luxurious Lavender Fields Body Oil.

Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang oil is a powerful aphrodisiac, (good to know next time you apply your oils!) and it’s ideal for problem skin as it helps to kill the bacteria that contributes to breakouts.


One whiff of lemon essential oil and our mood is always a little brighter, but did you know that lemon essential oil can quite literally, brighten your skin when applied externally?

For a radiance boost, get your hands on our Skin Brightening Serum and show your skin some love!


This gorgeous oil can help the skin in a variety of ways from cleansing and tightening the pores to repairing damaged skin.

Find it in our Kapha Face Oil.

Rosehip oil

This one is technically a carrier oil, but we had to include it on this list, because it’s a true superstar skin ingredient!

Rosehip oil is brimming in antioxidants to fight free radicals and keep your skin youthful. This lovely oil can help to improve the texture and tone of your skin as well as improve pigmentation.

Never, ever use essential oils directly on the skin. They must always be diluted in carrier oils before application.

These are just a few of our favorite oils! Have you ever tried them or are there some you’ve been wanting to get your hands on? Let us know in the comments!

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