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When I wake up in the morning, my skin feels ______?

By the afternoon, my skin feels _____?

My biggest concern is ______

My skin _____ reacts to skin products

My skin looks _______

I _______ get pimples

Choose which describes your skin the best:

I prefer _____ (just for fun hahaha):

What's your skintype?

I am a fabulous person with DRY SKIN. Common traits are dry, delicate, thin skin , cool to the touch. Vulnerabilities to extreme weather conditions, especially the wind which leaves it dehydrated. When out of balance, this type of skin becomes dry, flaky and prone to wrinkles. Best way to care for this skin is with rich, hydrating, all natural-oils like Tamanu and avocado found in our AMAZING VATA FACE OIL

I am a fabulous person with COMBINATION SKIN. Common traits are a mix of oily and dry areas of the face. This type of skin is susceptible to having clogged pores at the T zone while experiencing dryness at the cheeks. If you have combination skin you might find it difficult to find skincare that works for you. Some products might make you breakout, while others will leave your skin dull and flaky. For best results for this skin type use, all natural, organic oils which have lightweight, cleansing properties such as coconut and almond oils found in our AMAZING PITTA FACE OIL.

Common traits are oily, thick skin, that is cool to the touch. Enlarged pores are typical of this skin type, which, when out of balance tends to be prone to blackheads, pimples and greasy-looking skin. For best care use all-natural, astringent & cleansing oils that can slow down your skin’s sebaceous glands oil production and overtime restore balance, making oily skin LESS OILY. Try our AMAZING KAPHA FACE OIL

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