Take care of your skin and the environment with these sustainable beauty products

From using ethically sourced ingredients to creating responsible packaging, more and more skincare companies have implemented eco-conscious methods to ensure less plastic ends up in the landfill each year. By supporting these brands and committing to a greener skincare regimen, we can do our part to minimize waste while putting less toxins into our body at the same time. It’s a win-win situation if you ask us.

Here are 10 low-waste beauty products we love…

1. Herbivore


Founded in 2011 in Seattle, Herbivore’s products are chemical-free, made with certified organic ingredients, and packaged using 100 percent recyclable and reusable glass bottles whenever possible. From body scrubs to glow serums, this brand has a number of bestsellers that you will love using on the daily.

2. Biossance


Biossance is a pioneer in the clean skincare movement with its vegan formulas, ethically sourced ingredients and commitment to become zero-waste by 2025. Biossance uses tubes and bottles that are 100 percent recyclable, and packaging cartons are made from renewable sugarcane paper.

3. aN-hydra


Founder Suzanne Langmuir’s aN-hydra is a waterless line of formulas with active ingredients and no added preservatives. The products are based on a philosophy of inclusivity which means they can be used by everyone, no matter their skin type, age or gender. The bottles have been made so that they can be shipped without extra packaging and can be easily refilled. Highly concentrated and pure, a little bit goes a long way with this brand.

4. Loli


Tina Hedges, founder of zero-waste brand Loli (Living Organic Loving Ingredients) believes that beauty remedies start with superfoods that are ethically-sourced, nourishing and not diluted. From the food-grade, reusable glass yogurt jars to the certified compostable boxes and labels, all of the packaging material has been designed to ensure there is no added harm to the environment.

5. Josie Maran

Josie Maran

Josie Maran is not only known for her cosmetics line, but also a fabulous skincare collection that uses organic ingredients to deliver healthy, glowing results. The brand has partnered with Terracycle for a free recycling program that upcycles packaging into new products, and through its commitment, has saved 62,000 units from ending up in the landfill so far.

6. Wolf and Pine

Wolf and Pine

Ontario-based Wolf and Pine is 100 percent vegan and uses carefully sourced ingredients in all of its products, such as clay masks and body oils with no added toxins, fillers or artificial colours. The packaging is fully recyclable, and a portion of proceeds from each purchase is donated to a Colorado wolf sanctuary, as well as reforestation efforts in Ontario and B.C.

7. Luna Oil Organics

Luna Oil Organics

Canada’s own Luna Oil Organics uses 100 percent natural, organic ingredients to make luxury face and body oils that deliver long-lasting and nourishing results. The brand’s philosophy is based on Ayurvedic principals, and each formula is created to meet the needs of your specific skin type. Plus, we love that the gorgeous little bottles can be reused afterwards.

8. Skin Essence

Skin Essence

Skin Essence has plenty of eco-friendly benefits, such as being certified organic, vegan and gluten-free among others. For the past 20 years, it has been sourcing the highest quality ingredients from across the globe to create hydrating products in small batches. Each formula comes in a tinted, recyclable glass bottle packaged in biodegradable and recycled paper.

9. Two Sisters

Two Sisters

Crystal Millers and Jillian Anderson wanted to share their passion for creating natural products with essential oils, which is how Two Sisters was originally founded. Both believe in the importance of supporting local in order to limit our carbon footprint. The brand’s products include everyday items such as bath bombs, clay masks and body oils—all made with plant-based ingredients.

10. Lesse


Less is more when it comes to Lesse’s organic skincare line which thrives on using ethically sourced, high-performance botanicals to give your face and body healthy results. The brand, founded by Neada Deters, currently puts its products in hand-printed glass or recyclable aluminum tubes to cut waste. The packaging is also made from recycled paper and Lesse even has a commitment to becoming net zero in the next three years.