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  • Vanilla Spice


    There is nothing like the rich-smelling aroma of warm spices and sweet vanilla to transform a gloomy day into a blissful paradise. This  luxurious and organic body oil nurtures and rejuvenates skin by promoting cellular turn-over, repairing damage caused by the elements and improving skin’s texture – leaving it silky…

  • Blemish Fighter Serum (Coconut-oil Free)

    Same amazing formula, without the Coconut-oil! Although the benefits of Coconut Oil are aplenty, a small percentage of people get an anaphylactic reaction when using this ingredient.  That's why we’ve redesigned this wonderful formulation that fights blemishes, with a Coconut-oil free twist! Our coconut-oil free Blemish fighter serum uses just…
  • La Fleur Éternelle (Purple)


    The Greeks have long regarded amaranth flowers as a symbol of immortality as its freshness lingers long after its been picked. This delightful smelling oil blend combines amaranth and jasmine flowers along-side luxurious oils that nurture and rejuvenate the skin by promoting cellular turn-over, repair damage caused by the elements…

  • Anti-Aging Serum

    One-of-a-kind, high impact formula specifically designed to fight the effects of aging. The key factor which makes this oil stand above the rest is the use of Barbary Fig, an incredibly powerful skin regenerator. It contains 150% more Vitamin E than Argan oil and is extremely rich in essential fatty…
  • Discovery Kit


    Try all three of our wonderful face oils in this elegantly packaged starter kit. Discover the benefits of: PITTA – a soothing oil blend which helps purify and nurture sensitive skin;  KAPHA – a detoxifying, lightweight treatment specifically designed to restore balance in oily skin & VATA – a deeply…

  • Minuit A Paris


    Minuit a Paris – An exclusive blend of luxurious oils and floral infusions

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