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    • Kapha Face Oil


      SOLUTION FOR: OILY SKIN, ENLARGED PORES, PRONE TO BLACKHEADS Kapha pacifying facial oil is a lightweight, detoxifying oil blend which helps restore radiance to a dull-looking complexion and tighten enlarged pores usually associated with Kapha type skin. This gentle treatment helps prevent greasy buildup that can lead to blackheads and…

    • Vata Face Oil


      SOLUTION FOR DRY, DEHYDRATED SKIN Vata pacyfing oil is a deeply moisturizing botanical blend that restores hydration to dry, rough and scaly skin typically associated with Vata dosha. Collagen-like properties of oils like Tamanu, avocado and jojoba are rich in nutrients and fatty acids which help the skin retain moisture…

    • Pitta Face Oil


      SOLUTION FOR COMBINATION SKIN, PRONE TO BLEMISHES AND BREAKOUTS Pitta pacifying facial oil is a soothing oil blend that helps balance and nurture sensitive, combination skin typically associated with Pitta dosha. The calming and purifying properties of oils such as camellia and coconut, help Pitta skin eliminate excess oil and residue which leads to…

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