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Luna Oil Organics is so proud to be part of MeMeandCo family! To be one of the hand-chosen few of the world’s finest boutique brands is an honor and a privilege. Right along with them, we are serious about driving change and making a difference on a global scale within the beauty industry.

Below is their International Press Release which went out to media contacts  in the UK, US & Australia.


Press Release
12 October 2017

Ethics are redefining luxury 

Is skincare deserving of the ‘luxury’ label if made in a Chinese factory by faceless workers rewarded with low wages, long hours and unfair working conditions that violate fundamental conventions of the International Labour Organisation? Are high-tech chemicals really the most ‘luxurious’ option for the body’s largest living organism to be absorbing?

The luxury industry has a storm heading their way, as a wave of boutique brands, born out of respect, craftsmanship and ethics, are collectively forming more modern interpretation of luxury. This is never more beautifully demonstrated than by ethically sourced, organic small-batch skincare brands such as Australian beauty The Divine Co, green & glamourous Bulgarian Arbü and Canadian lovely, Luna OilOrganics. Or by British probiotic-guru Gallinée and ethically harvested PureEarth from the Himalayas.

Two New Zealand marketers have drawn a digital circle around this new generation of ethical luxury with the creation of Me Me, an ethical eDepartment store for luxe-boutique brands. The founders’ mission? Make shopping for glamour and style part of the solution that ends poverty, protects the planet, and ensures prosperity for all.

“Its ambitious, but achievable if we all lean in rather than look away. It’s time to acknowledge that true luxury only exists when there is hand-craftsmanship, magnificent style and respect,” says Carolyn Managh.

Susan Stevens and Carolyn Managh keep a tight rein on what does and doesn’t sit on their virtual racks and shelves; staying true to their ‘Made with Respect’ code of ethics. These include supply chain transparency, ethical sourcing, sustainable materials, handcrafted or small-batch made, and respectful job creators. Over in skincare and children’s categories, the additional criterion of ‘100% natural, ideally organic’ is added.

With close to 100 brands stocked in Me Me after only being open a few months (including those mentioned above), and another 200+ in the wings going through the filtering & selection process, it looks like Susan & Carolyn’s reinterpretation of luxury is catching on.

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