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Interview conducted by: The Love Place UK

What inspired your product line?

As a mum of two young kids, I feel passionately about health and wellness. I developed Luna Oil Organics in 2016 as a sort of rebellion against the multi billion dollar cosmetic industry whose motto is generally to conceal, hide and camouflage not only skin problems but in many instances dangerous chemicals too.

Our skin care products are designed to harvest the power of nature in order to provide time-proven benefits of clear, soft, radiant skin.

In contrast, Luna was created as an ingredient conscious skin care line that is 100% natural and toxin free. I spend a lot of time choosing the right oils and herbs for every batch we make, to ensure they are only the purest, highest grade and most beneficial.

How do oils hydrate the skin? Why are we so focused with creams and lotions?

Our north American culture is in love with lotions and creams, however, they are a relatively new concept. These types of products are water based and consist mostly of water and wax. Presence of water can cause bacterial growth in such products, so for this reason they must contain strong preservatives which are generally synthetic and rarely natural. In addition, waxes are used to lock in moisture but over time wax build up can lead to clogged pores and breakouts. In general, essential oils have antimicrobial properties and formulations made exclusively with such oils can be completely preservative free.

While most water based products provide temporary hydration, they usually contain very little nutrients and are loaded with alcohol and cosmetic-grade wax which over time leaves skin aggravated and pores clogged.

The healthiest and most youthful skin is one that has abundance of oils. For centuries people all around the world have relied on the healing and nurturing goodness of oils to keep their skin healthy. Essential fatty acids found in natural oils deliver a powerful combination of skin protection, nourishment and emollience which is vital for skin cell’s ability to retain water and flush our toxins. Unfortunately as we age our body’s capacity to retain water within cells starts to diminish, resulting in loose, saggy and wrinkled skin so the best way to support healthy skin is to add them back with all natural formulations that work best for your skin type!

What principles of Ayurveda have guided you in creating your products?

Luna Oil’s entire line of products is inspired by the centuries old wisdom of Ayurveda. One of the founding principles behind this ancient practice is that a healthy inside leads to a healthy outside and much like these founding philosophies, our botanical tinctures and formulations are designed to harvest the power of nature and ensure the healthiest skin from inside out.

What are your favourite ingredients to use?

I love to use Blue chamomile. Its smell is enchanting and the high azulene content give is such a lovely blue colour. It is such a potent anti-inflammatory and has many benefits for soothing and calming many skin conditions from Rosacea to eczema to sunburns.

What do you never include?

I refuse to add any synthetic chemicals, fragrances or coloring agents to our line. I believe that mother nature provides us with everything we need to develop an effective and successful cosmetic line.

What are some of the most common toxins in skin care products that we should look out for?

We know that most products out there contain chemicals such as plasticisers; degreasers and surfactants, many of which have been called into question and some are even known carcinogens, pesticides and hormone disruptors.

Why do you believe are they allowed to be used?

The unfortunate fact is that the industry that’s trying to make us beautiful has a very ugly side. It is a big business market of more than $60 billion that is purely self regulated. The FDA’s website states that “it is up to individual companies to ensure their products are safe”. It might surprise you to find out that in Europe (which has stricter regulation laws) there are over 1300 chemicals banned from cosmetic use, while only 11 here in Canada and US. The contrast is rather shocking.

Luna oil uses only the best, purest ingredients that are able to penetrate deep into the skin’s surface to provide lasting results.

But all is not lost. Simple changes to our daily routines can lead to significant results. Switching traditional make up with natural alternatives is extremely effective in reducing chemical exposure. Therein lies the importance of making the right choices when choosing what we put on our skin.

How does skin care play a part in the holistic health of the body and the wider health of the environment?

I developed Luna Oil Organics with one thing in mind: to create an ingredient conscious skin care line that is 100% natural and toxin free. I have spent a lot of time choosing the right oils and herbs, making sure they are only the purest, highest grade and most beneficial.

We live in a world where an average woman will use over 12 cosmetic products a day, resulting in exposure to some 168 harmful chemicals.

Now is the time for a new generation of entrepreneurs to emerge in the beauty industry; ones who fully commit to providing safe, clean and non toxic cosmetics. I plan to be at the forefront of this movement. I am hopeful for the future and believe that together we can make changes that can have positive effects on our health and environment.

Are your oils sustainably created and fairtrade?

We are not a factory made, large production face less retail giant. We are a made to order, small-batch boutique brand that prides itself on maintaining integrity and skill of our artistry.  All of our products are made with respect for craftsmanship, our consumers, our makers and our planet.

Where are your products made?

Our small batches are handcrafted daily, right here in Canada with organic and natural ingredients from a reputable Canadian supplier. We do not source any part of our production outside of Canada. Our company takes a strong stance on important issues such as cruelty free, toxin free and ethical manufacturing. Remember that when you buy handmade, small batch products such as ours you are supporting so much more than just the our brand.

Is your packaging recyclable?

Yes our packing is made of recyclable glass and carton.


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